Conquer your fear of speaking Spanish through simulated encounters with virtual amigos!

Build your Spanish speaking confidence by experiencing and practising realistic scenarios, which simulate the emotions and nerves of speaking a foreign language.

The authenticity of the experience creates memorable interactions that will stick in your mind so you can easily recall the language, preparing you for real-life encounters.

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What’s in the Starter Pack?

The VR App contains:

  • Lessons: Learn Spanish words and phrases, practising your pronunciation in the classroom with Jen, Dave, and Sofia.
  • Quickfires: Condensed lessons to be used for revision of key concepts.
  • Conversations: Interact in simulated Spanish conversations.
  • Trips: Explore Spanish culture while practising your new language.
VR App utilises 360 video with on/off subtitles. Speech recognition is coming in August.

The VR app is available for Oculus Go, Quest, and Rift. New to VR? See how it all works here.

You'll learn how to learn Spanish and will finish the course with the methods and resources needed to continue on your path to fluency

The course will help you create a sustainable learning habit, and you'll learn how to regularly interact and have fun with the Spanish language. The Starter Pack includes an accompanying online course with video lessons, worksheets, quizzes, and much more!

The Starter Pack covers the following topics:

How to Learn Spanish ~ Introducing Yourself ~ Numbers ~ Learn 20,000 Spanish Words ~ The Alphabet ~ Pronunciation ~ Likes, Dislikes and Hobbies ~ Making Plans ~ Having Fun in Spanish ~ Maintaining Your Study Habit

What’s a VR Lesson Like?

Nothing can quite prepare you for the real experience of needing to speak Spanish for the first time. Panic and anxiety set in immediately and make you splutter out an error-filled string of words. Even if you get it right and are understood, the response will almost certainly differ from the set phrases you’ve been learning and preparing for.

Dynamic Spanish simulates that experience in a surprisingly realistic way, with real people asking you real questions and waiting for your reply! First you’ll prepare by learning and practising your speaking and listening skills in a fully immersive classroom.


Authentic Conversations

After you've practised in the classroom, you'll step out onto the streets of Valencia to engage in role-play based conversations. You’ll be nervous and make mistakes, but that’s ok because as real as it seems at the time, these people aren’t actually there – that’s the joy of Dynamic Spanish!

Interacting in Spanish in these immersive video encounters will give you the confidence to have conversations in real life. You will learn to stay relaxed and calm, able to speak Spanish with ease, building on your speaking abilities.


Travel Around Spain

With Dynamic Spanish, learning a language and discovering its culture go hand in hand. The Starter Pack contains three trips around Valencia so you can get a taste of what this amazing city has to offer.

If you're currently stuck in isolation, going on a virtual trip to Spain might be just the break you need! These relaxing 360 journeys are mini-documentaries, looking at the history and culture of the places you'll visit when speaking with your virtual amigos. You'll practise Spanish phrases while experiencing the fascinating sights of Spain.

How Long is the Course?

The course length depends on how much time you have for learning Spanish each week. You can go at your own pace but most students take 8 weeks to complete the course, so this is how the Starter Pack is structured.

You can try out the first week of the Starter Pack for free, by signing up for the 7 Day Trial.

Whether you sign up for the 7 Day Trial or buy the Starter Pack now, you'll have access to the lessons and materials for at least 12 months, so don't worry if your circumstances change.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

The Starter Pack originally launched in 2018 and hundreds of students have since tried it. With their feedback, it keeps getting better, as we add more features and content!

See what Elizabeth thought of Dynamic Spanish and check out our testimonials page for more reviews from our students.


Who is this Course For?

  • Are you a beginner Spanish learner?
  • Do you have or want to buy a VR headset?
  • Did you study Spanish at school with little success, and now want to learn the language properly?
  • Are you a lapsed learner and need to freshen up your skills?
  • Do you lack confidence when speaking Spanish?
  • Do you want to support the development of VR education courses?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then the Starter Pack is for you!

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