Dynamic Spanish is a virtual reality Spanish course focused on getting you speaking confidently, with real people.

Our Starter Pack is a VR-led system that immerses you in a Spanish learning environment, and it will help you create a sustainable learning habit so that in a few months, your progress in Spanish will be unrecognisable from where you are now.

Hi, We're Katie and Dave!

We know how hard learning a language can be, as between us we've tackled six languages so far...and counting! Finding time to study, making things stick in your memory and the stress of actually trying to speak are things all language learners struggle with. But don't worry, we're here to help!

No matter how much you study, no books or podcasts can quite prepare you for the real experience of needing to speak your new language for the first time. Panic and anxiety usually set in immediately and make you splutter out an error-filled string of words. And even if you get it right and are understood, the response will almost certainly be different to the set phrases you've been learning and preparing for.

Our course uses Virtual Reality to simulate that experience in a surprisingly realistic way, with real people asking you questions and waiting for your reply!

First you’ll prepare by learning and practicing your speaking and listening skills in a fully immersive classroom before you step out onto the (virtual) streets of Valencia to playfully engage in role-play based encounters.

You’ll be nervous and make mistakes, but that’s ok because as real as it seems at the time, these people aren’t actually there – that’s the joy of a virtual reality language learning course! We believe VR is the future of education, enabling you to improve in the classroom and flow through these authentic encounters with more confidence. You will learn to stay relaxed and calm, able to speak your new language with ease during these exciting trips around the world from the comfort of your pyjamas!